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what’s blooming in the late may garden

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

The last of the Spring tulips are finishing their show right now.
may tulip

I also got just a few grecian wildflowers to come back this year.
grecian wildflowers

My lilies are up, up, and away! Every year they are a sore spot for me because they come under attack from red lily leaf beetles. You can check out last year’s escapades here.
This Spring has started out no different:

I have encountered at least 4 red beetles. But my tactic this year has changed considerably. I now seek and destroy, grabbing the bugs and smashing them out in the street. Gross and rather violent I know, but those red lily leaf beetles are so sneaky!

In the side garden we planted 4 blueberry bushes first thing this Spring, and they are doing their really cool blueberry bloom thing!
blooming blueberries

blooming blueberries

And out front, our dogwood tree out front never disappoints this time of year.
dogwood tree

dogwood tree

As we try to get our new lawn to come up, we are doing our best to manage weeds and sundries. This means we are no match for the violets this year. They are everywhere. But at least the violets are pretty when they bloom!

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the ultimate spring flower bouquet

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The flowers just keep coming. And I absolutely love it! Just as the first round of our tulips were starting to wilt and wither, I got the best surprise this week when I got home from work…
spring bouquet

Craig’s Mom left us the most incredible, beautifully arranged Spring bouquet on our doorstep. Straight from her garden.
spring bouquet

So amazing and chock-full of easy-to-grow Spring flowers that are in bloom right now: tulips, bleeding hearts, and azaleas/rhododendrons!
spring bouquet

spring bouquet

It was so thoughtful of Craig’s Mom to make us an arrangement. And I suppose it didn’t hurt that I just gushed and gushed over her ridiculously awesome tulip varieties that she let us cut. I am a sucker for details, and her efforts and artistic flourish with this bouquet are not lost on me.

spring bouquet azalea

white azaleas/rhododendrons

spring bouquet azaleas

hot pink azaleas

I just love the contrast of the pale white azaleas/rhododendrons with the rich, deep pink azaleas. Especially paired against their dark green leaves. Along with the striking yellow tulips, the colors and composition of this bouquet are mesmerizing.
spring bouquet bleeding hearts

And the white bleeding hearts! Wow. I grow the usual pink variety, but there is just something particularly inviting about the crisp white bleeding hearts. I am going to have to ask her if I can transplant some for my garden. Her bleeding heart plants are really more like bushes, tumbling with cascades of delicate flowers. Here’s another closeup:
spring bouquet bleeding hearts

This bouquet of flowers has totally brightened my week. Work has been really hectic. It has been raining almost non-stop since Sunday. And I have been feeling rather drained. But flowers are just the thing to make one stop and smile. They make me pause to observe their fleeting beauty, their delightful scents, and their riotous colors. Flowers are meant to savor! And they help me appreciate the moment.

And for that I am very thankful.

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a treasury of tulips

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Is there anything better than fresh bouquets of cut flowers decorating your home? All too often, I long for fresh flowers, and yet I rarely if ever splurge to buy them. Well, lucky for me it is the height of the Spring flower season. And that means tulips! And Craig’s Mom just so happens to have the most amazing cutting garden with dozens of gorgeous varieties. She graciously let me have at it.

tulip bouquet

tulip bouquet

tulip bouquet

It was so fun to make flower arrangements. And now we have vases of tulips on the dining room table, on the mantle in the living room, upstairs in our bathroom. All over the house. Just so Spring. And so lovely. I think I will have to make a point of adding more fresh flowers to the home decor on a regular basis. It is such a perfect pick-me-up.

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cleaning out the flower beds

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Yes! It’s that time of year: cleaning all the crap out of the flower beds that has accumulated since last fall. All the dead, withered leaves from last year’s lillies, all the matted and clumped together leaves from the dogwood tree up above, and all the bits and pieces of detritus that make their way into the flower bed and settle there for their long, winter’s nap.

Here is what my front flower bed looked like before I began working on it over the weekend:
cleaning out the flower bed

It was kind of a mess.
cleaning out the flower bed

I have been slowly making my way through cleaning out this bed over the last few days, taking great care not to strain my back as I bend and stretch. And so far it is working! I have uncovered a great many hyacinths and tulips starting to burst forth from the soil.

Here is what the flower bed looks like now:
cleaning out the flower bed

cleaning out the front flower bed

Yeah! So much nicer! The caveat to clearing out the flower beds means that, really, it is now pretty much open season on weeds. Up they will come fast and furious. I will have to go into near daily maintenance mode to pluck and pick out the weeds as they try to compete for my attention.

In the meantime, I’m trying to decide what else I want to plant in the front bed this year… annual seeds? Spring bulbs? More herbs?

What’s growing in your flower beds?

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march has been one ferocious lion

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

The weekend is drawing to a close. It was been quite lovely to relax and recover at home. My back is feeling a lot better. I did cleaning and vacuuming yesterday while Craig attacked the dishes in the sink. I also managed 4 loads of laundry.

I did go running yesterday finally, and had a solid 5K on the treadmill. I didn’t do any serious work in the garden this weekend besides watering my blueberry bushes and seeds. I did pull away the leaf cover here and there to see what else is growing.

sprouting tulips

Up come the Fire of Love tulips!

These Fire of Love tulips are so cool because the leaves start out this amazing violet red color. And they are striped. As they grow and get more and more sun, the color on the leaves fades. But for now they look so wonderful bursting out of the soil in the front flower garden!

As for the Spring weather, well, it is ridiculously windy and chilly here in southern New Hampshire. The temp reached just 41°F today, but with the wind it felt so much colder. I was so content to just snuggle on the couch watching college basketball.

In Craig’s words: March went in like a lion, gave birth to a little lamb for a day, and then the lion went and ate the lamb.

That about sums it up.

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