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halfway hike

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

The weather today was amazing. Mid 50s! It was warm last weekend, then freezing this week, and now warm again. Perfect day for a hike and a little visual documentation. We’re halfway there, baby!

20 weeks

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exploring fall on my feet

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

My writing just isn’t prolific right now. Most of my thoughts remain in my head for the moment, tucked away until later. And that is okay. Instead, I find myself thoroughly exploring Fall.

It is difficult to be working all day long, knowing that the sunlight is getting ahead of you. When I finally get home from work, I have about 15 minutes before the sun has completely gone away, leaving behind the early evening settled in inky darkness. So I dash home and strap on my running shoes and make my way outside. Sometimes I go for a run, and sometimes I go for long, fast-paced walks—at least 3 miles and sometimes closer to 5.

I am actually really loving the rhythm of walking right now. And sometimes Craig joins me.

It’s fun to check out all the houses in the neighborhoods decorated and ready to go for Halloween. Strings of orange lights, decorative ghosts swaying in the breeze hanging from the trees, pumpkins piles on front stoops. Fall is everywhere. I can smell wood stove fires, the scent of cinnamon, and the distinctive taste of the crisp autumn air. The trees rustle in the wind and leaves swirl about my head as they lazily fall from the sky.

Soon it will be raking time; I give it another week or two. But for now, this time is still mine for exploring. And the weekend is finally here, so I can get out of the house and enjoy this breezy, 60°F day in the sunlight. The leaves are putting on a dazzling display.

So Craig and I are off for another long walk, ready for more Fall exploration.

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wide awake with wonder

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

It is late. And I need to go to bed. But I cannot fall asleep! It is the end of June, and I find myself pausing to take in the wonder.

The beauty of Summer finally here after such a long and weary winter. The smell of fresh-cut grass after Craig mowed tonight. Our little house slowly transforming itself with new floors, a new fan in the living room, a porch waiting to be loved, walls waiting to be painted. Our car finally inspected after having to get the windshield replaced today after it cracked this winter. Our fridge stocked with freshly picked lettuces and baby spinach and sugar snap peas and garlic scapes from the garden. A new jug of straight-from-the-cow raw milk that my Mom picked up from the farm today. Bills all paid for the month. My running shoes taking a break after a hearty workout. Stacks and stacks of books piled neatly on the dresser waiting for me to dive into them. Work completed today and still more work just waiting for me to tackle tomorrow.

I am so thankful for how busy and wonderful and productive June has been. I have been making such a conscientious effort to be more efficient and productive this month. No matter how often I get frustrated or how often I feel overwhelmed with how much I have to do and all that I want to get done, I have been trying harder than ever to go with the flow and take very slow—yet very deliberate—baby steps to get more things accomplished in my day-to-day. I am a lover of to-do lists, but they often get recycled from week to week and not much ever gets crossed off.

But not this month. I set out with some pretty ambitious goals, and I made them happen one small step at a time! And that is worth celebrating! Here are a few highlights:
refinish hardwood floors in living room and dining room
buy ceiling fan for living room
get ceiling fan installed
remove knob and tube wiring in the attic
rewire upstairs hallway light
• install new outside outlet near driveway
rewire basement
get rid of old couch
get quotes for painting living room and dining room
decide on new paint colors
weed garden
plant tomatoes
clean gas grill and use it!
fix cracked windshield on car
get car inspected
make and keep dentist appointment
• make and keep doctor’s appointment
make and keep annual exam
make running a priority
• remember to take vitamin and fish oil
• reorganize and de-clutter basement
• get porch repainted! (working on it… TBD… asap!)

Phew. It’s been hectic and rewarding and awesome around here. But right now I should be asleep! Still so much swirling around in my brain. Taking it all in. I feel good. I feel relaxed and invigorated and satisfied… albeit wide awake.

Some old habits die hard I suppose. Happy June to you! I hope your month has been everything you wanted it to be!

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rainy and humid june

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Helllllooooo! It has been quite a week. Busy and full. And I cannot believe that the end of June is here. Do I say this near the end of every month? Yeah, I pretty much do. The work/life/home balance right now is definitely doing its dance. Happy Summer by the way! Summer is officially here! We are in it! Wahooo!

Last week was filled with electrical work on the house. Two full days of it. We had electricians roaming all over the house doing a bunch of work on the master home to-do list. We got rid of the last of the knob and tube (eek!) in our attic which involved rewiring the light in our upstairs hallway. No more knob and tube!

We added a new outside outlet near the driveway so we can vacuum the cars and work on outdoor projects without having to run an extension cord from the kitchen window. We had some rewiring done in the basement. And we had our living room wired for a ceiling fan. The new ceiling fan was installed in the living room… except that it isn’t functional yet because the wall controls didn’t work. Total bummer. Our poor electrician on Tuesday was in a panic because he couldn’t figure out why the fan wouldn’t run. Turns out the wall switch was DOA.

Now we are patiently awaiting for the new wall switch to arrive. It was backordered until the end of July. But I pitched a fit and the manufacturer found one that they said would ship this week. Fingers crossed. Then the electrician will come back and finish the job. And THEN I will finally post pics of our updated living room room with new floors and fan!

Been raining on and off for the better part of the last 2 weeks. Rain almost every day! We are trying to have our screened porch painted, and so far we have been delayed 2 weeks by the rain. Hopefully this week will finally be a go! I feel like we are juggling so many projects and none of them can quite get done. I just want to be able to enjoy our porch and fan while it is still summer!

What else? Oh yeah, the camera. Not working again. And I think it has to do with the recent humidity. Every time the camera will not turn on, it is usually because of hot, humid weather. I really want to be able to take pics, so I have to figure out a long-term solution.

Now for the positives… I have had two really good weeks of running. I love running in the rain. Sloshing through puddles! I have also gone on a few enjoyable and challenging bike rides. I want to go on more and more. Biking is such great exercise and is also tons of fun. I’ve been (mostly) getting to bed earlier which I think is a direct result of working out harder. Makes me tired and eager to sleep.

What else? Since it is June and summer is upon us, here is a pic of one of our blueberry bushes coming along quite nicely!
blueberry bush

Should be real, ripe blueberries very soon!

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seriously icy

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Happy, happy March to you!!! WE MADE IT! March is here!

You know what this means, right? March means SPRING! For reals.

But it is still very much winter here. I am still in my get up, go to work, come home, go running routine. But now I am so very curious to see how March plays out. Will it stay cold? Will the sidewalks soon be cleared from snow enough that I can start running outside? Will the lion-like winds continue all month? Will it suddenly warm up and *poof* the snow will be gone like it did last year? How long will it take the snow to melt? Will I ever see robins back in our yard? When? When? When?

Yeah, I am pretty much reaching my winter limit here in southern New Hampshire.

It snowed an awful mess of a storm on Friday. I volunteered to shovel the driveway and walkways after work. It was a heavy, wet, slushy snow. And then it snowed again on Sunday, leaving another 6″ of lighter, fluffy snow. I shoveled that, too.

Now it is Wednesday, and I am still sore from all that shoveling. Great workout! While the temps have warmed up to the upper 30s (ooooh! ahhhhh!) during the day, it still gets very cold and windy here at night.

What does all this mean?

ICE. Stupid amounts of thick, slippery ice coating our walkway.
icy walkway

Making it from the kitchen side door to the driveway in one piece has become a sport.

And if I go down, it’s not going to be pretty.

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