get to know me

Hi there. My name is Erin, and welcome to Gardens of Plenty.

The seeds for this website were sown several years ago when I first started journaling. And then I started planting. Writing and gardening help me process and stay present. The garden is a metaphor for every day—new beginnings, growth, happiness, sadness, success, failure, disease, death, second chances, surprises—it’s all there mirrored in the gardens we create.

It’s all too easy to get complacent with the crappy drone of get up, go to work, come home late, eat, try to relax, go to bed, repeat. We can take the abundance around us for granted and hide in our shells. Or we can challenge ourselves to put more effort into each day, practice gratitude, belly laugh, and become active participants in a holistic learning process.

Erin with celery

Reflection and observation are critical to growth in the garden and in life. It helps to slow everything down and be mindful. Any gardener will tell you that you learn as much from your triumphs as you do from your mistakes. But if you’re lucky, you get to enjoy the harvest.

I also know that what sounds great in theory is much harder in practice.

So join me as I strive for balance and celebrate the little things. Yes, there’s writing about gardening. And there’s also writing about the other day-in, day-out stuff that makes up the plenty.

What else about me?

I am 35 years old. I am a graduate of Scripps College (the women’s college), Claremont, CA. My B.A. is in Studio Art with a concentration in media/design. My senior thesis was about exploring the fluidity of the multiple selves of women. I used to be big into theory until I couldn’t put it into practice. Now my art is about taking photos, celebrating the ephemeral, and repurposing found objects to make connections between old and new. I love to make jewelry using vintage beads and charms.

By day I am an advertising writer/editor with a focus on articulating and maintaining the brand voice.

I’m very much into growing stuff indoors and out. Houseplants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, grass, bushes. I get ridiculously giddy about it all. It’s one of the very best things about having a house and yard. My lawn and my garden are organic.

I love seasons. I love the way they mark the passage of time. The rhythm in our lives. I see months and seasons very visually in my head like an undulating oblong track. Each month has a spot on the track and moves into the next. I am a New Englander, and winter is a tough spot on that track for me. But moving forward and back around is part of the journey.

I’m into non-toxic cleaning and doing more with less. I love to talk about vinegar. And baking soda. And composting. But not composting vinegar or baking soda. You know what I mean.

I love to make a mess in the kitchen. I try to eat organically and locally as much as I can. Having a glass of wine and experimenting with a new recipe is my idea of relaxation. My dad says I am a hedonist. He’s right. I am continually learning to move at my own pace and be okay with that.

After nearly 8 years together, Craig and I got married in July 2009 on top of Mount Washington (the highest mountain in the northeast U.S at 6,288′). We hiked up the Tuckerman Ravine trail and got married at the summit. I wore hiking clothes and a ridiculously gaudy veil I found on craigslist for $10. Craig wore hiking clothes and a vintage tie he borrowed from the way-back of my Dad’s closet. We tend to do things like this.

We live in a 103-year old little house in Southern New Hampshire. We are not very adept at home improvement. But we’re trying.

Craig and I traveled to Europe in Fall 2009 for our honeymoon. A whirlwind tour. It was the first time either one of us had been there. Best money ever spent hands down.

I have 2 sisters—one 3 years older, one 3 years younger. They live close by with their families, as do my parents. And Craig’s parents. And Craig’s sister. I feel incredibly blessed to have family nearby. (See above statement about home improvement and infer from there.)

We love animals, and in the summer of 2011 we got a 2-year old cat named Lily. Best of all, she leaves my houseplants alone.

While this blog may have started as a way to document and commemorate my pre-baby life, things changed big time in May 2012. We celebrated the birth of our first child, a girl with tons of crazy hair and a happy-go-lucky disposition that we marvel over The plenty keeps growing, and I am blessed beyond belief.