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march was a lion-lamb-lion sandwich

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

March is drawing to a close. Wow. I cannot believe how fast time is passing for me right now! I am 33 weeks pregnant. And I still feel really, really good. However, I am starting to slow down a bit. I can’t seem to get all the chores done that I used to without having to stop and rest. My back starts to get sore after a bit. And I have to pee lots and lots. But I suppose that is to be expected. I still love being pregnant. My belly is quite round at this point, and The Bump juts out this way and that making me look lop-sided. She’s still very active in there, but I dare say she’s starting to run out of room.

March has been such a wild month—it started out cold and icky. But then it suddenly got not just warm, but downright stupid hot. Before it was even officially Spring, we had a string of days in the low 80s. In New Hampshire! Just didn’t seem right. Craig and I loved that warm weather though. We even took off for the beach, and I had a blast walking along the sand and cooling my slightly swollen toes in the freezing Atlantic waters.
31 weeks pregnant

But that was all a few weeks ago. In that time everything started sprouting outside—there are already trees in bloom here. Croci and daffodils are up. Hyacinths are in full effect. It’s just so strange because it is so early. And yet now it’s back to more seasonably cool Spring weather. Very chilly nights, windy days, clear blue skys, nice sunsets. Today it reached a high of 50°F. That’s more like it. I figure there is plenty of time for it to warm up.

I am in no rush right now. I am doing my best to enjoy these last weeks of “me”. A whole lot is about to change. And I am okay with that. Just going with the flow, taking in the wonder.

Happy Spring!

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