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first snow… and it’s october!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

It was raining yesterday afternoon. A fairly cold and steady rain as I made my way home from work. I crawled into bed when I got home, content to listen to the rain and take a snoozer. However, when I woke up a little while later, it was snowing! Crazy! So, of course, I went for a long walk in the slushy snow, catching snowflakes on my tongue.

When I woke up this morning, I was quite certain that I had dreamed everything. But sure enough, there was the evidence:
first snow October

So strange to have snow already on the ground!
first snow October

first snow

first snow

While the big maple in the backyard has mostly shed its leaves, the maple in front is still going strong. Plus all of our trees lining the back of our property haven’t even turned yet. Sure do hope this snow melts so we can get some raking done!
first snow

But, alas, word on the street is that more snow is in the forecast for Saturday night! I’m dreaming of a white Halloween???

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exploring fall on my feet

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

My writing just isn’t prolific right now. Most of my thoughts remain in my head for the moment, tucked away until later. And that is okay. Instead, I find myself thoroughly exploring Fall.

It is difficult to be working all day long, knowing that the sunlight is getting ahead of you. When I finally get home from work, I have about 15 minutes before the sun has completely gone away, leaving behind the early evening settled in inky darkness. So I dash home and strap on my running shoes and make my way outside. Sometimes I go for a run, and sometimes I go for long, fast-paced walks—at least 3 miles and sometimes closer to 5.

I am actually really loving the rhythm of walking right now. And sometimes Craig joins me.

It’s fun to check out all the houses in the neighborhoods decorated and ready to go for Halloween. Strings of orange lights, decorative ghosts swaying in the breeze hanging from the trees, pumpkins piles on front stoops. Fall is everywhere. I can smell wood stove fires, the scent of cinnamon, and the distinctive taste of the crisp autumn air. The trees rustle in the wind and leaves swirl about my head as they lazily fall from the sky.

Soon it will be raking time; I give it another week or two. But for now, this time is still mine for exploring. And the weekend is finally here, so I can get out of the house and enjoy this breezy, 60°F day in the sunlight. The leaves are putting on a dazzling display.

So Craig and I are off for another long walk, ready for more Fall exploration.

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80°F in october!

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Happy Fall to you! I hope that you are enjoying the season thus far! After a rather chilly week or so here with lots and lots of rain, it really warmed up this weekend with temps that reached 80°F! It has been truly wonderful, splendid fall weather.

Craig and I spent yesterday doing yard stuff. Well, mostly Craig did lots of yard chores while I did a modest amount of weeding and snapped a bunch of photos of the early October garden. It has rained so much over the last few weeks that we haven’t had a weekend day to be out in the yard to poke around or get anything done until yesterday!

The grass finally gets a mow after 3 weeks!

The grass was getting so long we could have created designs.

After Craig finished mowing, he tackled the front hedges which were starting to get a little bit unruly.

While he clipped back the hedges, I surveyed the progress of our new grass growing out front. Not too bad!

I started weeding the front flower bed and decided that the strange pine bush that has been growing steadily in there for the last several years is no longer cute and had to go.

So, when Craig was done with the hedges, he dug out the bush and replanted it in the back yard. When he was all done, he joined me in the veggie garden where I pointed out that one of the broccoli plants had started to bolt. He decided it must still be edible.

He munched on the bolting stalks, flowers and all. The verdict: still tastes like broccoli!

Well, phew. We try not to let anything go to waste. Especially on a gorgeous, sunny, super warm October day. I love weekends like this!

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