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summer holiday

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

Hi! I am taking a short summer hiatus. Yup, it started last week when I pretty much got caught up in all the house painting we are doing. I will be back to posting soon… but I am going to take a few weeks off to rest and recharge and take in this hot and wonderful summer. I hope you are enjoying these long, lazy, sunny days! I’ll be back in it after the first week of August. Sometimes it is a good thing to unplug. Be well!

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summer breeze

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

After all of the sticky heat for the last few days, the weather did finally break tonight. We had a very brief rain shower as I was making my way home from work. I had about 15 minutes to change clothes, and then I was off to dinner out on the town with some of my closest gal friends to enjoy a yummy italian meal at this lovely restaurant called Villa Banca. And yes, because all my ladies were having wine, I treated myself to a fantastic glass of chianti. Oh sure, why not?

It was so nice to get a break from the work week and hang out dishing on all the latest news and adventures with my friends. I ordered this amazing seafood dish called VB Frutta di Mare that had a medley of shrimp scampi, scallops, and crab with steamed mussels in this incredible lemon garlic basil chardonnay sauce. And wait… it gets better. It was all served over a delectable lobster cake that was like a crab cake, but only LOBSTER.

Unreal. The sauce combining with the seafood and the lobster cake was seemingly rich, but yet very light. I have no idea how they did it, but I was swooning.

What a treat. We sat and ate and chatted and ate some more and lingered and relaxed. Then finally we all headed back outside into the July heat.

Except the heat was gone.

Instead twilight was descending and it was this delightfully dry, breezy, summery night. Absolutely amazing. I walked along the Main Street in town toward my car, just savoring the meal I’d eaten, the company I’d experienced, and the fact that I was on my own but happy to be out and about. On a work night! Livin’ large!

What a wonderful way to wind down a Wednesday. I ambled slowly taking in the sunset over the Main Street bridge and the river. I watched all the passersby along the way. I paused to look in the store windows of furniture shops and sundries, not wanting to rush home.

I love getting out of the house and connecting. I love treating myself to such good food and company.

And I love cool, crisp summer nights like these. I am keenly aware of how precious they are.

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the mid july garden

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Still reallllly hot here today. In the 90s. It’s that very humid, hot, sweaty kind of day. You try to get by wearing as few clothes as possible. I came home from work to find my tomato plants wilting. I watered and gave them a long, cool drink. Here are a few pics of what else is going on in the garden in mid July.

bachelor’s button

I planted a ton of Bacherlor’s Button from seed back in early April.


The blueberries are starting to ripen!

flowering cilantro

I cannot keep up with the cilantro. I cut and it flowers. We have been using tons!

garlic scapes

About 2 weeks ago, I cut the garlic scapes. Now the garlic plants are maturing and soon will be ready to pull!


Hot hot weather is very tough for the tender lettuces, but they are hangin’ in!

Supposedly this heat wave will break tomorrow. I truly hope so. It has been sticky!

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balmy monday

Monday, July 11th, 2011

It is HOT out. I am declaring the obvious emphatically. HOT HOT HOT. It is ten of nine on Monday night and it’s 86 degrees inside. Yes, inside.


This weather makes it tough to want to do anything at all besides sit around like a lazy bones and try not to sweat too much. I caved and ordered pizza tonight because I just couldn’t bear the thought of cooking, even if it was a salad. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the kitchen. So I splurged on pizza. It will likely last me all week.

Craig is in Germany on business, and I am tending to the house. Everything is everywhere (again) as we are painting the dining room and living room, and stairway. No TV plugged in, couch is moved to the center of the living room, and I can barely find my shoes.

Soon all the improvements will be done! But for now, I will enjoy delicious pizza from a local shop. This pizza has big pieces of roasted garlic, spinach, and basil. I will savor my alone time to its fullest. I will sit on the porch and will the breeze to rustle the trees.

This is definitely summer.

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raised garden bed tomatoes

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Somehow in the craziness of my camera not working over the past month, I failed to document the planting of our tomato bed. But fear not! For I am playing catch up and wanted to show you this year’s tomato project.

It all started with trying to figure out what to plant in our back raised garden bed. Last year I had cantalopes and watermelons and green beans in this bed. So this year I thought… tomatoes! And not just any old tomatoes but organic heirloom varieties!

First we had to tackle the monstrosity of weeds in the bed.
weeding the tomato bed

This weeding was accomplished over Memorial Day weekend. Once the weeds were out, I turned all the soil with a pitch fork. Then I added fresh heaping amounts of compost.

Craig and I trekked out to our favorite local farm/garden center and perused their amazing long list of heirloom and organic tomato varieties for sale. It was like a tomato menu, and we wanted to try everything on the list!

Photo courtesy of Lull Farm, Hollis, New Hampshire

We finally settled on a few fun varieties and got to planting.
tomato bed

tomato bed

The front of the bed is a Yellow Pear variety and a Cherry variety. The middle front of the bed are two Tomatillo plants and an heirloom variety called Green Zebra. The middle back of the bed are Romas. And the back of the bed has more heirloom varieties including a Japanese Black Trifele, Pink Lady, and my favorite name… Mortgage Lifter. Apparently the dude who propagated these seeds did so well that he was able to pay off his mortgage. How could I not sow a Mortgage Lifter heirloom tomato plant?

Right away the tomatillos started to flower their cute, bold yellow blooms.
flowering tomatillo

After two weeks of on and off rain in the latter part of June, my tomatoes have gone to town, growing taller and fuller each day. I had to stake the matoes over the weekend. I used bamboo stakes that I had bought last year when I tried in vain to create a homemade trellis for my green beans.
tomato raised garden bed

I cannot wait to see how these plants do! I am hoping for happy, healthy tomatoes and no diseases this year. Wish me luck!

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