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positively giddy with anticipation

Friday, February 26th, 2010

I can’t believe that we’re going on HOLIDAY soon!

I really can’t believe it. Winter vacation. I am so excited right now. I’m beaming. I’ve never ever gone away in the middle of winter. And winter in New England is looooong. This week alone we’ve had snow, ice, driving rains, 50 MPH winds, lightning… Winter weather here is draining.

So, this trip is such an exciting adventure!!! And I *think* I’m starting to feel better. Days upon days of sleep and fluids and blah blah blah seem to be doing the trick.

Where are we headed on this little holiday you ask? Somewhere warm. Somewhere beachy. Somewhere ALL INCLUSIVE. Weeeeeee!

My older sister always said to me to make sure we got some travelling out of our systems before we settled down to have kiddos. Not that you can’t travel once you have kiddos, but well, you know. It just gets a lot more complicated. And exhausting.

And for years and years we have wanted to travel, but we got the house and then we had no money. And then we started to get a little money saved but we had to save up to pay for our wedding. And then we REALLY SAVED and were able to go on our dream honeymoon to Europe. And we got so good at saving that we actually created a little travelling nestegg surplus thingy so that we could take a warm-weather-sit-on-a-chaise-lounge-with-a-fruity-drink-with-an-umbrella-in-it-and-read-fluff vacation.

But the key here is that we did indeed work to save up for this excursion. And it took time. Which makes us feel good about doing it NOW. Before kids. I’m not trying to gloat, I’m just trying to let it soak in what we’re really about to do. To all the folks out there who go away every year and think of it as a winter right, I’m impressed. Because this is our first opportunity.

And I’m going to appreciate every little moment of it!

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my body knows me all too well

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

So as soon as I dared to utter the word “vacation”, my body decided to go into major backlash mode and unleash its sickness fury.

I haven’t felt well all day. I’ve succumbed to a head cold and post-nasal loveliness that is making me get this annoying dry cough.

It’s like my body KNOWS that I need it to keep up and PERFORM right NOW. I just need to get through this week. And this week in particular because there are a million little things that I need to tackle just so that I can go on vacation.

But instead, I spent today in the blanket fort with my head screaming at me propped up at a weird angle so that I could strategically breathe.

And now it’s a waiting game. How long will this last? When will I start to feel better? Will I start to feel worse? I try not to panic—take it one moment at a time and allow my body the extra rest it needs to feel better and recover.

Work will always be there. I will always have plenty to do and get done, no matter what. But it makes no sense to try to fight through it if my body isn’t well. I have to remember to take care of myself. Sick happens, and I think I have been working my body pretty hard lately, so now I will ease up a bit. I treated myself to chocolate milk today. And toast. It was totally what my body was craving. Yum and yum.

Oh! And it’s supposed to snow for like the next 4 days. Eeesh. Talk about having to earn my vacation…

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taking stock of february

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I’ve been busy. And tired. Tizzy.

I’m worn down. Work weary. And still winter blah. I can tell I’m running myself ragged because my body has been aching, and I’ve got a little cough that catches in the back of my throat developing. Last week as a whole took a monumental amount of effort and personal strength to get through. Work is sometimes really consuming. Working at work. Working at home. Dreaming about work. Endless cycles. And my couch potato mode was about the best I could do to cope.

However, I’ve gotten a few decent runs in over the last few days on the treadmill. I’ve been switching it up and just running flat. And fast. As in, fast for me on a treadmill. I’ve been doing fast 5Ks and they’re hard. Because treadmill running is nothing like running outside. But I’m trying. It feels good to sweat out the toxins and get the good chemicals flowing again after a run. And hopefully the running will help me to ward off whatever little cold bugs I’m fighting.

Craig has been a total trooper, too, stepping up to the plate and doing a fabulous job of making the house clean and shiny. I went out to lunch on Saturday to celebrate my Mom’s birthday with her and my sisters. We were gone a long while, and when I returned, Craig had cleaned everything. EVERYTHING. The stove! The kitchen floor! He swept! He wiped! He took out recycling! And emptied the compost!

It was such a nice treat to come home to a clean and quiet house. I promptly curled up on the couch and dozed off while watching the Olympics.

So, while February is a short month, it’s been a draining one. I’m trying to find the stamina to get through.
snow and dogwood buds
Good things are coming, and I love having new things to look forward to. Craig and I have a vacation planned for next week! I can’t believe it’s finally here and not a moment too soon. After snowing 9″ earlier this week, it was nearly 50° on Saturday and the snow is melting away. In fact, I can see the tiniest shoots of crocuses (croci?) and rock daffodils trying to poke through the ground. It’s staying light out until 6:00 p.m. now which is awesome. Every day it gets a little lighter. Daylight savings is right around the corner! The Oscars are coming soon. My sister’s babies (she’s pregnant with twin girls) are kicking away in her stomach. My other sister’s kiddo is 5 months now, as smiley as ever, and he’s so fun to hold in my arms. It’s the little things. I’m grateful for these little things.

And did I mention the vacation part? VACATION. WINTER VACATION! I’m trying to get psyched up and get well so that I can fully enjoy it.

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the olympics are kicking my arse

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I love watching these Olympics! But they’re making me a tired couch potato. Which is kinda funny since you’re sitting there watching these amazing, fierce, fit competitors. Going all at it 100%. And I’m just watching hours and hours of TV (in absolutely mind-blowing HD). But really, at this rate I’m going to be a huge blob by the time these Olympics are over. I’ve got to squeak a good run in this week.

But in celebration of blob-hood, we full-on gave in to fast food marketing hype last night… I know, I know, I’m such a mess of contradictions.

We watched Lindsey Vonn, Shani Davis, Shaun White, and company in all their glory while basking in our second-annual Chicken McNuggets fest. Craig went out and got us a mess of nuggets along with all the possible dipping sauce combinations. The incessant nugget commercials are working… mark us down for total suckers. And they were amazing!!!!! Winter comfort food at its very finest. Who can resist buffalo sauce and ranch sauce together? And that good ole sweet and sour staple?

Healthy? No way. Salty and delicious? Absolutely!! And what’s even funnier is that now those nuggets have actual white chicken meat in them instead of the weird dark mystery clunks of decades past. And they’re way less greasy. Which I guess is a good thing.

Hey, we’re doing our best to make it through the dark days of winter. Its all about balance, right? Soon my garden will be kicking in full force and it’ll be back to endless days of grilled veggies and salads.

But, yeah, nuggets. Mmmmmm…

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when the snow flies

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Snow is coming! Snow is coming! Maybe 4–8″… maybe 7–11″? Who knows, we’re right on the line of potential big things.

And I don’t mind. Really. Partially because it has been “warmer” lately, and partially because, well, it IS winter after all. And we haven’t had snow in almost a month! And this is New Hampshire! Quaint ole New England! And instead we’ve just had cold and wind and patches of brown ground in the yard.

So bring on the snow! I can take some more shoveling this season. It’s a chance to get outside after work and sweat.

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